Update on FREE Linux Course

In a recent letter from edX:        

Introduction to Linux

Thanks again for joining the community of over 275,000 people in the Introduction to Linux course and for the the enormous amount of feedback that this community has provided on everything from errors to suggestions for improving the course. As previously announced, incorporating some of these suggestions has required us to create an updated version (v2) of this course. While there are no major content updates, there are some elements (such as changing the order of some chapters), which couldn’t be done in the current version without severely disrupting the user experience.

We’ve now closed registrations on this version (LFS101x) of the course and opened registrations for the updated version (LFS101x.2), which will be available January 5th, 2015. You can be registered for both courses simultaneously, they will both appear on your course dashoard (though the V2 link won’t be active until Jan 5th). The current (LFS101x) version will be available until December 20th, 2014. This date is particularly important you enrolled for a Verified Certificate so that you can earn the Certificate you paid for. 

Since the LFS101x version of the course is no longer available for new enrollments, the original URL is now being redirected to the V2 (LFS101x.2) version of the course. If you were previously using the V1 URL to access the course, you can now access it instead by using the ‘Dashboard’ link at the top right of your screen (which takes you to the list of all your enrolled courses).

One final note, we appreciate the high level of interest that students have demonstrated in our Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam. In response to numerous requests, we’ve now added the option to have a 1 day prep session with an experienced instructor. See our website for more details.

The Linux Foundation

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Keep Calm and Hate Microsoft

10 years without Microsoft!

 Today is my 10yr anniversary from all Microsoft Products. 


It has immensely changed my life in a positive way; and has lead me down a career path doing something I love.  Allowing me to support my family with a lifestyle that they deserve.  All without the corrupt institution that is Microsoft.  The more I learn about security and business ethics; the more I realize how bad of a company they really are.

This is not even taking into account the recent screw up from the CEO telling women to not ask for raises in their jobs.  Or the Anti-trust law suits that they have already been through.  Or even the fact that they are paid by the US Government to hold back Zero Day vulnerabilities from the public; giving certain un-named entities time to take advantage of them while the public goes about its daily life as if they are ‘protected’ by their anti-virus software.

No, the simple reason I stopped drinking the $2,000,000,000 a years worth the Kool-Aid is simply because its inferior in every way that I can count.  I left because of a black and white sense of this product will out perform this other product.  And boy was I right…   I use Linux, and since I have switched there have been numerous failures in numerous areas of Microsoft.  There have been virtually none in the Linux world.  Its hard to make a bad product when the people making the product are the ones using it.

So in short; if you haven’t left yet, and you are not closed minded.  Give it a try.  It was the best thing I ever did.

– Matthew D. Curry

Free Linux Courses About to Begin! Still Time to Sign up!

THIS IS NOT PROVIDED BY MATTCURRY.COM! It is a 3rd Party Education Company (edX).


The Linux Foundation’s free online course, Introduction to Linux, started today on the edX website. Students have already begun to take the course, which covers the basic tools and techniques commonly used by Linux programmers, system administrators and end users.

It’s not too late to sign up! You can complete the lessons, interact with students and instructors on the message board, and take the tests at your own pace. The first thing you’ll do is install Linux – instructions are available in a PDF sent to all students enrolled in the course. Topics covered during the course include:

– Linux Philosophy and Components

– System Configuration from the Graphical Interface

– Command-line Operations

– Finding Linux Documentation

– File Operations

– Network Operations

– Bash Shell Scripting

-Common Applications

– Local Security Principles

– And more.

The entire course is expected to take about 40 to 60 hours and you may audit the course for free or pay for a certificate of completion.

To sign up visit edX.org.

And for more information see our Intro to Linux Q&A with Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin and edX CEO Anant Agarwal.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 good reasons to learn Linux.


Read More at Linux.com

Put down that Oracle database patch: It could cost $23,000 per CPU

On-by-default INMEMORY tech a boon for developers …

Oracle has released “the most comprehensive patch set” ever for its database software – but its users should be aware of potentially wallet-busting features in the batch.

Version of the database came out on Tuesday and brought with it a range of new features, including Oracle’s hotly anticipated “in memory” tech.

The “in memory” feature, as the name suggests, ensures crucial data – such as frequently accessed records – is kept present in as much RAM as possible, thus accelerating operations. It’s been in development for several years and Oracle had to rewrite “the brain” of its database to make the feature available.

But you don’t just rewrite a brain for free – the in-memory feature costs money, setting you back at least $23,000 per Oracle SPARC processor it’s installed on, we’ve heard.

Where it gets concerning is that in the patch release of the database, the INMEMORY_QUERY switch is enabled by default, according to an analysis of the install by database platform expert Kevin Closson.


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NewEgg BitCoin Users GET 10% Off – EXTENDED!

Previously, the cutoff was July 22nd at midnight; it has now been extended to the 31st.

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Becoming a Non-Profit

Hello all,

I am currently researching all of the steps to become a non-profit in TN, as many of you know I am new to this state.  The laws being different, I want to ensure it is done correctly.  There will likely be fees involved in setting up the non-profit (at least $100, so far).  I am not in a position personally to pay those for the moment.  Anyone who can help donate to get this started would be very well appreciated.  This can be done via the donations page.  As many of you know, I have paid for everything 100% out of my pocket, and I don’t mind doing so.

However, we have recently been given some very bad medical news in the family which has affected our budget considerably.  This is the first time I have ever publicly asked for donations; but even the smallest will help.

Thank you all for your prayers, and consideration.

Matthew Curry